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Read ➪ In the Unlikely Event Author L.J. Shen – From 1 Bestseller L.J Shen Comes A New, Star Crossed Lovers Romance About Loss, Love, And Meeting The One When You Are Too Young To Know How To Keep Them Sometimes You Meet People Who Are Out Of This World, So You Make Them A Part Of Yours. A One Night Stand Born From Vengeance In A Foreign Land An Explosive Chemistry Neither Of Us Could Deny We Signed A Contract On The Back Of A Boar S Head Pub Napkin That Said If We Ever Met Again, We Would Drop Everything And Be Together Eight Years And Thousands Of Miles Later, He S Here In New York And He S America S Music Obsession The Intangible Irish Poet Who Brings Record Executives To Their Knees The Blizzard In My Perfect, Unshaken Snow Globe Last Time We Spoke, He Was A Beggar With No Intention Of Becoming A King But A King He Became, And Now I M His Servant I M Not The Same Broken Princess Malachy Doherty Put Back Together With His Callused Hands I Have A Career I Love A Boyfriend I Adore An Apartment, A Roommate, A Life I Changed He Changed, Too But Mal Kept The Napkin Question Is, Will I Keep My Word

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  1. Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾ Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾ says:

    5 STARS All is fair in love and war, and I m certainly prepared for battle This book came out of left field and slapped me over the head with all of the feels This is so completely different from anything I ve read by LJ to date A unique and angsty emotional roller coaster that was addictive from beginning to finish If there s one thing that I ve come to expect from LJ Shen, it

  2. Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews* Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews* says:

    Utterly breathtaking This book is a work of art Complex, intricately designed, and stunningly beautiful It s unlike anything else I ve ever read in this genre, yet so romantic and full of hope Malachy and Aurora s chemistry jumps off the page Here s what I loved From the very first time I met Mal, I was enad He s so charismatic and charming, I just want to snuggle him He s fun, carefree

  3. Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle says:

    LIVE EARLY FULL REVIEW 5 SHAKE MY SNOW GLOBE CROWNSSo different, and yet uniquely L.J Shen I absolutely loved this new world and characters IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT is going to shake up your snowglobe What I love most about any L.J Shen book is that her characters are flawed, maybe a bit broken or jaded from the hand they have been dealt, but what I also love about her characters is that th

  4. Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ says:

    Can you please stop being so beautiful and real and alive all over my house like you own it or something I finished this in a day and now the bags under my eyes are Gucci _______________ A Note From Alex after reading all the notes in this book, especially the chocolate one Whenever I finish a book, Goodreads my number one cheerleader always sends me an email telling me that I h

  5. Vanessa When Vane Reads Vanessa When Vane Reads says:

    English spanish version ITUE IS BRILLIANT, MAGIC, PURE PERFECTION , I don t have enough words to describe the magnificence of this story, it hooked me from the first words, and I WAS NOT ABLE TO PUT IT DOWN a single second, it is so entertaining that I practically inhaled the pages The plot consumed me and stole my breath, gahhh IT S KINDLE CRACK.The author brings her game A and gives us a

  6. Parker Huntington Parker Huntington says:

    This book was so surprising, different than what I expected, better than what I expected There s something about Leigh s writing that sucks you in, and you know when you open the pages to one of her books, you re in for a wild ride 10000000% recommended.

  7. Bookgasms Book Blog Bookgasms Book Blog says:

    Ahhhhhh You guys Remember that time L.J Shen dropped a book promising that it was different from anything she has ever written Well that day is today and I can 100% wholeheartedly attest that this is one of her best books It is SO unlike any of her previous books but no less incredible It, without a doubt, has that PERFECT LJ touch that I die for Malachy and Aurora were nothing short of magn

  8. C.L. Matthews C.L. Matthews says:

    What.The.Fuck.Did.I.Just.Read.CL can t come to the review section yet, because she s dead Bai.EDITED Unique Spellbinding Whimsical. In the Unlikely Event is a seamless book beyond my comprehension The angst, pull, and giggles it drew from me will be seared into my mind forever.

  9. KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕ KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕ says:

    IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT Is a full length romance novel by L.J Shen Spoken in various POV s Meet our hero Malachy Doherty and our heroine Aurora Belle Jenkins aka Rory I went into this book completely blind, and I mean that literally, I never read the synopsis, didn t pay much notice to the cover, one look at the title and the author sealed the deal I had to have this in my life So jumping into I

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