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➦ In the Heart of the Fire Ebook ➬ Author Dean Koontz – Submityoursite.info A Bloodthirsty Sheriff Is Terrorizing A Small Texas Town Where Justice Has Been Buried With His Victims Until Nameless Arrives A Vigilante Whose Past Is A Mystery And Whose Future Is Written In BloodAnyone Who Crosses Sheriff Russell Soakes Is Dead, Missing, Or Warned One Of Them Is A Single Mother Trying To Protect Her Children But Bracing Herself For The Worst Nameless Fears The Outcome He S Seen It In His Visions Now It S Time To Teach The Depraved Soakes A Lesson In Fear But In Turning Predators Into Prey, Will Nameless Unearth A Few Secrets Of His OwnFrom New York Times Bestselling Author Dean Koontz Comes In The Heart Of The Fire , Part Of Nameless , A Riveting Collection Of Short Stories About A Vigilante Nomad, Stripped Of His Memories And Commissioned To Kill Follow Him In Each Story, Which Can Be Read Or Listened To In A Single Sitting

10 thoughts on “In the Heart of the Fire

  1. Peter Peter says:

    I didn t read a Dean Koontz novella for ages and quite liked this one Fast paced, with a shot of supernatural mystery, a psychic investor without memory he goes by the name of Nameless drives to Worstead County He plans to eliminate a psychopath and child molester What is the problem in his task And why is the job so dangerous Dean Koontz sends you on an intriguing journey

  2. Constantine Constantine says:

    Rating 3.5 5.0Genre Mystery Thriller Short StoryA good start for a series We follow a nameless character, I think he calls himself nameless too He is a vigilante though he rejects to be called that Ace of Diamonds Another unknown character gives him this mission to take down a corrupt cop.The story is linear but has lots of mystery to it Of course, we don t get answers to who N

  3. Char Char says:

    I was expecting a dog, a good guy and a bad guy I got all 3 but in spite of that, I liked this short story The above is the reason I quit reading Koontz in the first place It seemed to me that all of his books were the same After WATCHERS and a few other Koontz books made me quickly fall in love with him, the re use of that same formula over and over again made me fall out of love w

  4. Kimberly Antill Kimberly Antill says:

    In the Heart of the Fire is a very quick read, but in a few pages Dean Koontz managed to write an interesting tale A clairvoyant vigilante called Nameless hunts down an evil predator The events in this story cover some difficult issues but Koontz never becomes too graphic Book one has left me with a lot of unanswered questions I m curious to knowabout Nameless and the Ace of Diamonds So

  5. Obsidian Obsidian says:

    Not a bad first book in the series Just a bit too new Koontz for me I was hoping for some horror, but this one will do There s a damn dog, but at least it s not a golden retriever And for once the dog didn t have super powers I think that the flow after a bit was a bit off And I think that Nameless felt like a hybrid of Odd Thomas and a few Koontz heroes mixed in At least this guy doesn t see

  6. Richard Richard says:

    A clever idea for a protagonist.Ace of Diamonds is an agency outside of the law, but what side of justice do they take Nameless is their agent but is he a gun for hire or a vigilante one man army.In a well orchestrated operation this guy alights from a bus and follows his preplanned instructions Since this is the first in a series of short stories we do not know if he is light or dark However, his

  7. Sheila Beaumont Sheila Beaumont says:

    Excellent short thriller with hints of the supernatural, the first in Dean Koontz s new Nameless series Loved the dog I m looking forward to reading the other five books in this series.

  8. Deb Deb says:

    This is a real page turner, fast and exciting The Dean Koontz style I love.

  9. Michael Hicks Michael Hicks says:

    My review of IN THE HEART OF THE FIRE can be found at High Fever Books.I used to be a voracious reader of Dean Koontz back in the 90s and early part of the 2000s, but fell off the bandwagon around the time By the Light of the Moon and a string of other clunkers came out and he traded the intriguing and unfinished Christopher Snow series for the much too earnest and goofball comedy of Odd Thomas Koontz was growin

  10. Lyn❤Loves❤Listening Lyn❤Loves❤Listening says:

    Audio and story 5 Stars

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