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Kindle Edition  ↠ Home Truths ePUB ô A strong marriage can cope with the unexpected But can it survive the unimaginable American nanny Eleanor was never meant to meet Alex But when she walks into his London police station to report a stalker, everything changes for them both He s convinced he can protect her from anything and anyone She hopes her darkest days are behind herAs they settle into their life together, two hundred miles away another young couple faces an uncertain future Christie knows Paul is a decent man, but she can t shake a clairvoyant s warning Never trust your husband When a work trip tests their bond, will she overcome her fears for the sake of her family Ten years later, both couples are still together, for better or worse But as doubts and resentments begin bubbling steadily to the surface, all four of them start to question the choices they ve madeAt least the secrets they all brought into their marriages are still well hiddenFor now

10 thoughts on “Home Truths

  1. Mark Mark says:

    A page kindle screen turner.So much so I read it in a few hoursThere is a feeling of delicious menace and what is behind all the characters stories in all these sub plots all the way through and an uneasy yet exciting taut feeling that you are getting nearer and nearer to the truthWhats great in this book is that you don t actually get anywhere near the truth until the last few pages when everything makes sen

  2. Dianne Dianne says:

    With the flare of other wonderful British authors, Tina Seskis puts pen to paper and creates a rather dark, extremely detailed tale of love, marriage and life as two couples form bonds that no man should put asunder HOME TRUTHS is a telling tale of how couples change, how the blush of new romance grows deeper in many ways even as the ties that bind them can become restrictive Eleanor and Alex are strangers to Ch

  3. Bill Kupersmith Bill Kupersmith says:

    You know with a book by Tina Seskis that she will pull together a disparate group of seemingly unrelated characters into a believable plot Eleanor was a particularly attractive character so few English writers can create convincing and sympathetic Americans Loved the way as the story of her living in England develops she loses her Americanisms Shoes go from sneakersto trainers and asshole to arsehole Amusing when t

  4. Karen Karen says:

    Four people Two couples How and why are they connected When young American nanny Eleanor walks into Finsbury Park police station to report a stalker, she meets Alex Alex Moffatt, the policeman on duty, was immediately smitten and decided that he would be the one to look after Eleanor Christie has been badly hurt before by a previous boyfriend but needs convincing that Paul is different and can be trusted.Beginning in

  5. Joanna Joanna says:

    Drawn in from the very beginning, when knight in shining armour, Alex, first encountered Eleanor, who hadn t had much luck since moving to London from America.Nine times out of ten I can get a plot pretty much sewn up quite early on, and I enjoy playing detective while I m reading I also enjoy those plots that I just can t quite figure out This was very much one of them Tina Seskis completely threw me off course with thi

  6. Meg Meg says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Sounds like a domestic thriller, doesn t it Instead, this disappointing novel manages to cover decades in which almost nothing happens The story jumped forward years at a time, usually from someone making a sandwich or deciding where to go on holiday to the same person doing similar things several years later Day after day, these two couples liv

  7. Jess Jess says:

    This was ponderous, dull, and a complete suspense vacuum While the characters were reasonably well drawn, it was mostly 350 pages of totally unrelated people being dissatisfied with their lives and marriages, followed by 25 pages of allegedly shocking reveals that weren t necessarily set up with any care Information is deliberately and clumsily obfuscated so as to avoid giving away the secrets, and there are a lot of really va

  8. AbbyReadsAll AbbyReadsAll says:

    I definitely did not see that ending Despite the twist ending this book dragged on and I never really connected to any of the characters

  9. Kristin Cagle Kristin Cagle says:

    I am so torn on how to rate this book The story itself is very twisty turny and kept me engaged, but the writing style was excessively wordy and left me feeling a little exhausted None of the characters are very likable, or even sympathetic, which further complicated my feelings towards this read I would have given the story 4 stars, but the characters and relentless repetition of the points feelings thoughts would get a 2 star rati

  10. Goth Gone Grey Goth Gone Grey says:

    This book needs antidepressants I DNF ed at 56% when I found myself looking at the amount of time left to read multiple times and groaning My level of affection for the characters dropped theI read I stopped before I started cheering for the demise of fictional characters to put them out of their collective misery The narrative is slow moving, painfully so at times, and feels cast in a stereotypically British gloomy, overcast drizzle a

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