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!!> Read ➹ An Equal Justice ➼ Author Chad Zunker – Submityoursite.info Inside A Prestigious Law Firm, A Rookie Lawyer Is Pulled Into A Dark Maze Of Lies And Violence An Ambitious Stanford Graduate, David Adams Has Begun A Fast Track Career At Austin S Most Prestigious Law Firm It S A Personal Victory For The Rising Superstar A Satisfying Reversal From His Impoverished And Despairing Childhood Now He Has The Life He S Always Wanted An Extravagant Salary, A High Rise Condo, A Luxury SUV, And No Limit To How Far He Can Go In The Eyes Of The Top PartnersBut After The Shocking Suicide Of A Fellow Associate One Who, In His Final Hours, Offered David An Ominous Warning He Feels The Pull Of Powerful Forces Behind The Corporation S Enviable Trappings The Suicide Leads Unexpectedly To David S Discovery Of A Secret Enclave Of The City S Homeless, Where He Can T Help But Feel An Affinity To These Outcast Souls Nor Can He Ignore The Feeling That They Hold The Key To The Truth Behind A Dark ConspiracyWhen One Of His New Street Friends Is Murdered, David S Clear Doubts About His Employer Start Shifting Into A Dark Reality Now Torn Between Two Worlds, David Must Surrender All That He S Achieved To Fight For A Larger Cause Of Justice And Become His Firm S Most Dangerous Acquisition

10 thoughts on “An Equal Justice

  1. Kaceey Kaceey says:

    3.5 Congratulations are in order for David Adams He just graduated from law school As the new up and coming super star, he s taken a position at one of the top law firms in Austi

  2. Kathi Defranc Kathi Defranc says:

    What an inspiring book Yes it is about a lawyer, new to a high powered firm, just starting his journey when he meets some folks who live on the street There are murders crime and plenty

  3. Laura Rash Laura Rash says:

    This one kind of reminded me of Grisham s The Firm but with a different ethical level with homelessness A quick and thoughtful read.

  4. Ashley Noelle Lewis Ashley Noelle Lewis says:

    Meh 2.5 5 starsThis book was short I wantedI wanted the story to beflushed out and detailed I wanted the characters to havedepth and knowabout their background and why they are the way they are With

  5. Cathy Ryan Cathy Ryan says:

    This is a case of if it looks too good to be true, it probably is From a poor background, newly qualified attorney David Adams has been recruited as an associate at Hunter Kellerman, the most distinguished

  6. Jenny Winter Jenny Winter says:

    It was slow going to get into But once I did, it was pretty intense.

  7. Barbara Barbara says:

    I like my crime mystery books with a bitmeat on their bones than this one At only about 200 pages, I flew through it in a couple of hours David Adams is the poor boy made good young hotshot lawyer who turns to drugs to k

  8. Jan Brattain Jan Brattain says:

    Received this as a freeFirst reads book I chose it because of the positive reviews it had Maybe the reviews were written by the authors friends, I found it to be a poor imitation of a John Grisham novel, the Firm The characters

  9. Tracy Tracy says:

    Excellent thriller and insight into the lives of those marginalized by society because of homelessness Author, Chad Zunker is a true advocate who doesn t just talk the talk, but rather walks the walk.getting out and actually making a

  10. Dan Lawton Dan Lawton says:

    David is a new lawyer, fresh out of school, making big bucks for a prestigious law firm in Texas Out of the gate, it s reminiscent of John Grisham s The Firm, and in many respects it stays that way David meets a group of homeless men who cha

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